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The cell phone obviously was a huge starting point in technology
The IPhone seems to be the most developed and advanced technology that allows people to communicate in such a peculiar fashion. The IPhone is such a different way of communication and a combination of everything in one small device. Eventually this will lead to newer and more advanced models, but this is just the start of it all. The cell phone obviously was a huge starting point in technology. However, the evolution of the cell phone proves that is not the greatest advancement in communication technology in the past ten years. The IPhone is not only the base of newer models, but has new ways of communication, a variety of applications available, and is fast and easy to use at one's fingertip. This device exceeds every expectation because it, like its cousins (the IPod Touch and IPad), has new ways of communication. Talking and texting are very common on a cell phone. This, like any cell phone, is provided on a IPhone. But there is more to it than meets the eye. The IPhone also has a program called facetime. Facetime is live feed video conference between two people. So not only can one talk and text, but he or she can actually communicate on a more personal level. This has been used on the ITouch and IPad, but never on a... Over the last ten years the field of technology has advanced
Over the last ten years the field of technology has advanced in many ways that at one point seemed impossible. This advancement, especially in the information and communication technology industry, has allowed us to come a long way. Although the cell phones, computers, and televisions have played an important role in this advancement, I believe the internet has been the greatest advancement in the information and communication technology industry. The internet first began with a point-to-point communication between mainframe computers and terminals. Now it has turned into a revolutionary change throughout the world. It has now become a source of reliance and an essential tool for the human race. The internet has made it possible for us to access millions of information without any struggle. It was estimated that in 2000, the internet carried about 51% of the information “flowing through telecommunications”, and by 2007 “more than 97% of all telecommunicated information was carried over the Internet.” The internet has been the fastest, most efficient technological equipment to evolve over the past ten years. Information is now in the palm of your hands, with the millions of search engines that exist, even those before the... Social Media Communications
Many advancements in communication have been developed over the past decade. Advances included the iPhone, Facebook, Skype, Droid, iPad, Twitter, and many others, but the most important which has had the greatest impact on worldwide communication is Facebook. This brilliant program created by a college student struggling to pay his finances spread like a virus across the internet and into the lives of billions of people. It engulfed the world into one large community and created a center to communicate, inform, and organize friends, a community, a state, and even a nation toward similar goals. The complex program Facebook has clearly done more than any other technology ever has in the history of mankind to increase communication. Facebook is everywhere, you see it in all other forms of communication. In our smart phones Facebook friends are downloaded into the contacts, in the windows version of Skype it connects directly with online Facebook friends so that you may chat with them. The media has their own Facebook, which they use to spread breaking news even faster to those unable to turn on a television. There has never been a technology to have such an impact on the world as Facebook has and will continue to do.... Rafael Galicot - Technology is a huge part in everyday life
Rafael Galicot - Technology is a huge part in everyday life. Technology is changing at a rapid rate everyday because of new advancements in computers, phones, networks, audio, video, and media in general. I believe that the greatest advancement in the information and communication technology over the past 10 years was smart phones. Viewing the short history of smart phones and their impact on everyday life will give us a clear and concise look at this great advancement. Tracking back ten years brings us to the year 2001. I will focus more on the major brands of smart phones such as Palm, Windows, Blackberry, iPhone, and Android. In 2001 Palm Inc. introduced the PDA that worked as a wireless phone. Also in 2001 Microsoft introduced the Windows CE Pocket PC OS. In 2002 the Palm OS Treo smartphone was released; with a full keyboard, wireless web browsing, email, calendar, and contacts. This could also be synced with any computer. Now we’re talking! Blackberry released their first smart phone with email capabilities in 2002. Blackberry took over the smart phone world with its email capabilities and advanced text messaging; until 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone. With multi-touch interface, third party native... Exchange of Ideas
Take a look around you. What do you see? If your sitting at your desk, you might see a stapler, a laptop, and maybe a printer. Maybe your reading this at your local Dunkin Donuts. In this case you may come across the touch-screen register and a number of machines that makes a drink with the push of a button. At this point, we must admit that technology runs America. Every lighting system, cooking utensil, and entertainment system has been tricked out and souped up. Even ways of communication are now possible that would have been nothing but wildest dreams to the women and men of past years. Technology has revolutionized communication. In a world where the exchange of ideas no longer need to be face-to-face, more than just personal relationships have been affected. The day to day activity of going to work has changed in every way. Technology has revolutionized communication in the workplace. Although innovations such as e-mails in the workplace, virtual teams, and telework have recently become popular, I believe that the greatest advancement has been the development of the Group Decision Support System (GDSS). I believe that this innovation is the next advancement in technology that will re-revolutionize... Social networking technology
The unimaginably vast wealth of digitized information that human civilization has amassed over decades now rests at the fingertips of computer enthusiasts the world over. Fiber optic cables and satellites facilitate the instantaneous transmission and storage of vast quantities of data, including everything from personal communications and digital media to scientific research and government information. Amidst the multitudinous advances that have contributed to the field of information and communications stands one relatively development that I firmly believe exceeds all others in terms of scope and impact. The introduction of social networking websites and technologies over the last ten years has substantially increased the ability of Internet users all over the world to share information, communicate rapidly, and engage in digital media more easily than ever before. Specifically, I believe that social networking technology is the greatest advancement in communications and information technology over the past ten years because it has made substantial contributions to personal communications and information sharing, economic development, and further technological development. Social networking technology provides one with the... Synthetic Biology
Ten years ago, few people had heard of the term “synthetic biology.” Now, scientists are able to synthesize the genome of a new organism from scratch, and are on the brink of using it to create a living bacteria. Synthetic biology is about taking control of DNA – the genetic code of life – and engineering it, much in the same way a computer programmer engineers digital code. It’s arisen in part as the cost of reading and synthesizing DNA sequences has plummeted. But it is also being driven by scientists and engineers who believe that living systems can be engineered in the same way as other systems. In many ways, synthetic biology represents the digitization of biology. We can now “upload” genetic sequences into a computer, where they can be manipulated like any other digital data. But we can also “download” them back into reality when we have finished playing with them – creating new genetic code to be inserted into existing – or entirely new – organisms. This is still expensive, and not as simple as many people would like to believe – we’re really just scratching the surface of the rules that govern how genetic code works. But as the cost of DNA sequencing and synthesis continues to fall, expect to see the field... Information Technology in Social Media
All it takes is one person – just one person who understands the importance of information and spreading it globally. That one person, by opening up the gateways of communication to all peoples worldwide, has the potential to change history. Mark Zuckerburg, the inventor of Facebook, did just that. By harnessing the global power of the World Wide Web and introducing the convenient social media concept to every person with internet, he single-handedly improved communication in this era of technology. The creation of Facebook, the farthest reaching social media provider on the planet, is the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last 10 years because of its ability to communicate basic information, spread pictures and video, and advertise businesses at a high speeds with incredibly far-reaching accessibility. Facebook’s ability to spread basic worded information at the click of a button has drastically improved communication. Its speed is unmatchable; one can type a simple message on a friend of colleague’s wall, and within milliseconds that message can be read and accessed. Facebook is also very versatile in its methods of transporting information, making it a one-stop... Communicating through the Internet
Although the internet has been around since the 60's, it did not gain a wide variety of users until the late 1990's/early 2000's. In today's society many people see the internet as an essential in their regular lives. Rather it's connecting with people, finding out the newest object to make one's life easier, or the latest news in media, the internet the greatest advancement in information and technology yet. Before the internet become a 'big deal' to the public people was only relying on the basics when it came to communication. These things included: speaking in person, talking over the phone, or sending letters, postcards, and telegrams. Now that more people are aware of the internet I personally hardly see anyone doing this now days. In today's society people use the social networks over the internet and emails to communicate with people. Although I see people from time to time talk on the phone with others, they're usually texting others or using social networks. As ironic as it may seem, this is possibly the best way to keep in touch with someone in today's society. I for one have a friend whose mother lives in another country. Although oceans keep them apart, they're able to speak everyday thanks to web chats and emails.... Technology advances can be seen in Music
As a young adult, technological advancements are a big part of my life. Everything involving technology in our world today, my generation can figure out in only minutes flat. Including MP3 players. Music invades every part of my life. I believe that MP3 players have helped this quite a bit. I am lucky that I have the entire world’s music at my fingertips and I share that with people around me on a regular basis. In all honesty, I would be lost without my MP3 player. I would really be completely and totally lost. I would most likely never have essays written, homework done, and probably not have finished my story I’ve written. The music that I listen to gives me inspiration, and it calms me. Music helps me not to get frustrated easily with nerve wracking tasks, tedious chores, and homework (insert girly laugh here). To be frank, I think that MP3 players are the greatest thing since sliced bread! I believe that the devices have practically saved my life. Did you know that music has woken people from comas, given people better emotional health, and lowered blood pressure? If it were not for my small, pocket-sized player, I could have had a heart attack by now! Maybe not, but there are many benefits. MP3 players in my... Advertising in the Ever Growing Technological Industry
While every development helps the ever-growing technological industry, ways of advertising has to be the most useful. Without advertising through different media such as Internet, TV commercials and billboards, many technological advances would never be known about. Advertisements for new advances in technology are everywhere. Look outside on a car trip, and there are billboards advertising new phones that can do miraculous things, music players that can hold thousands more songs than its predecessor, or why the newest model of a company’s computer is the best. Turn on the new TV that can convert shows into 3D, record shows for you to watch later, or connect to the Internet from the couch. New technologies are being advertised everywhere, even on other forms of technology! Without the use of advertising, many advances would be almost unknown. Before, someone would invent something, then everyone around that area would have to be told of the new invention, and “spread the word” about what it does. Now, with advertising, people don’t need to spread the word as much, because ads for the product are everywhere. You can learn about something new in China from the comfort of your home! Without advertising, information about... The Power of the Internet Today
We are now living in the net generation where people are more aware and more connected to the world than ever before in the history of humanity. A key ingredient in communication is the media, the media informs and connects the world and brings information home to our televisions, computers, smart phones, and tablets. We now have all the information on the internet in our pockets, smart phones are have largest impact on communication. You can text someone, face-time and see their expression, also the internet now is portable, you don't know something google it. Finally the music industry has been hit hard by the large change from CD's to digital downloads. This past decade has seen major developments in technology and the greatest influence of all is the internet. The Internet is unlike any previous human invention in both scale and effect, and is now a global resource important to all of the people in the world. How did it become so important, so fast? This unprecedentedly rapid growth and impact is largely due to its incorporation of a number of deeply powerful features that continue to accelerate its success. Many of these features are so influential that this current generation of young people is called the net...

BBG Communications Complaint Resolution

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